The Impact of Wedding Reception Music

Music is the soundtrack for a wedding reception. It can help create energy, romance, fun, elegance, excitement and a number of other emotions. The “tone” can be set by the music choice and styles, transition, and building of energy. However, is music alone all it takes?

Beyond just music, it takes a professional “Master of Ceremony” to effectively guide, direct, and inform the audience and create the overall “tone” for the event.  That individual has the ability to dramatically impact an event and make it a success or failure. Even with great music, a bad MC can set the WRONG tone for an event. How many times have you been to a wedding and heard someone on a microphone shout loud and fast and no one understands what is going on? Maybe they come across like a sports announcer or a club jock? Even worse, what if they talk too low and frequently use repetitive phrases, or say “ummm”, “errr” and “ahhh” all night long? How will that impact the perception guests have at the event? How will the guests react? Will they feel engaged or bored? Are they committed to staying the entire night? Will they talk about the “overall” day as a positive experience?

An MC/DJ does more than push play on a CD player. The individual will be the spokesperson for the entire group and the way guests will decide if they will have a great evening or not.

Anyone planning a wedding celebration should ask themselves, “Do I just need music” or “Do I need someone to be a Master of Ceremony and direct my event”.  If the goal is having ONLY cool music, then honestly why not simply rent a jukebox or use an ipod? It’s certainly safer and more affordable. However, if the goal is to create a fun and engaging evening that will offer a great memory for everyone involved, the more effective solution is to find a professionally trained Master of Ceremonies, Event Planner, and DJ that can work to help produce the intended result.

Robert Lawrence

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